The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has initiated a Phase I Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Study for US Route 30 (Baseline Road).  The US Route 30 study area is located in the Village of Montgomery and the United City of Yorkville in Kane & Kendall Counties.  It extends approximately 5 miles from Illinois Route 47 on the west to east of Albright Road near Illinois Route 31 on the east.  The corridor consists of a mixture of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural uses and is bisected by Blackberry Creek.


The reason the study was initiated was to review the current roadway and traffic movements to determine warranted improvements to provide a safe, reliable corridor for existing and future conditions.  In order to develop alternative solutions to be considered, it was first necessary to have a clear understanding of existing conditions and to identify what the problems are and why they are occurring.  This was accomplished through a thorough analysis of existing roadway features, including design and roadway layout, the capacity of the roadway using existing traffic counts and future projections, and review of accident history within the corridor.


The study follows the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) process and involves extensive public involvementThis helps to ensure that the assessment of the current situation is reflective of public perception and the future goals of the community are considered.  The final study will include preparation of a Design Report and will include analysis of the existing conditions and an evaluation of impacts that any proposed improvements will have on the community with and the environment.  We encourage you to join us by sharing your ideas and comments.

“Public Involvement is Vital to this Process & Critical to it’s Success!”

The Baseline Road Study — We want your help!