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The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is acting as joint lead agencies for preparing a Design Report for the U.S. Route 30 project. As such, FHWA (Division Administrator) and IDOT (Secretary of Transportation) are ultimate decision-makers for this study.

A consultant team led by Hutchison Engineering, Inc., joins IDOT and the FHWA to form the Project Study Group for the project.

The formation of a PSG is a requirement per IDOT's Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) procedures. The PSG has primary responsibility for facilitating the US Route 30 project development process. The PSG meets throughout the study process to provide technical oversight and expertise in key areas including study process, agency procedures and standards, and technical approaches. The PSG also has primary responsibility for ensuring compliance with Stakeholder Involvement Plan (SIP).

Other responsibilities of the PSG include the following:

 Expediting the project development process

 Identifying and resolving project development issues

 Promoting partnership with stakeholders to address identified project needs

 Working to develop consensus among stakeholders

 Acquiring regulatory agency clearances and approvals

Project Study Group (PSG)