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The Phase I Engineering Study is an engineering tool that provides concept direction founded by sound engineering practices and safety standards.  Upon completion it will be the foundation to which final construction plans will be completed.  During the initial development phase, the existing and future conditions were analyzed to get a clear understanding of what is occurring and existing deficiencies were identified.  This task often included plan history research, site surveying, and data collection including but not limited to current and projected traffic and community population counts, current and anticipated land use and employment in the project area.   In addition, future goals of the community were considered.  This data assisted in determining if the existing infrastructure is acceptable and will continue to be sufficient to safely handle future conditions.  At which time a Purpose and Need for improvements was defined.  The Purpose and Need define what problems are to be addressed, and what was the starting point for development of alternatives.


Once the Purpose and Need was identified, the project study group developed a range of alternatives that meets the corridor’s needs, and continued to work with the community and stakeholders to evaluate the impacts of each alternative.  This helped to determine which of the alternatives were considered for a more detailed consideration and in-depth evaluation.  The alternatives carried forward were then studied in more detail with respect to environment and community impacts; ultimately resulting in the recommendation of a Preferred Alternative .