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Stakeholder Involvement Plan

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The purpose of the Stakeholder Involvement Plan (SIP) is to provide a guide for implementing stakeholder involvement for the US 30 study.

The SIP was used as a blueprint for defining methods and tools to inform and engage stakeholders in the decision making process. The SIP has been designed to ensure that stakeholders are provided a number of opportunities to participate in the process as the study progresses. The SIP was prepared at the onset of the study to describe the CSS approach and to outline specific outreach activities, including public meetings and hearings, stakeholder workshops, and supporting media and communication techniques.


The goal of the SIP was to actively seek the participation of community groups, agencies, individual interest groups, and the general public throughout the study process.


Goals and Objectives of the Stakeholder Involvement Plan:

 Identify stakeholders

 Define the Working Groups.

 Identify means and methods of disseminating and collecting information.

 Identify the roles and responsibilities of the lead agencies.

 Establish the timing and type of stakeholder involvement activities.

 Establish stakeholder requirements for providing timely input to the study process.

 Provide framework for achieving agreement and communicating the decision making process.


Final decision making authority rests with IDOT and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). All decisions are arrived at in a clear and transparent manner, so stakeholders can see that their input has been considered.

A Stakeholder is any person or organization that could be affected by the project and has a direct stake in the project being considered!